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Jai Java Coffee

We are new to the coffee world, fresh and new, learning every day. What makes our coffee better? Our success comes from focusing on roasting only two or three different green beans at a time.  We believe that by concentrating on a smaller stock we will produce a more perfect roast making your cup the best it can be every time!



Remember: Coffee doesn't ask silly questions, coffee understands.

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Roasted Fresh Ground

Coffee Cool

  I’m not “coffee cool”; I wanted to get that out there.  While I may seem “coffee cool”, it’s just an illusion. I’m not a hipster, I’m not really even...

Wake Up and Smell The Coffee

  I drove to So.Plainfield to pick up our first burlap sacks full of 300 lbs of green coffee beans.  One bag was from Papau New Guinea and the other...


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