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Jai Java is a small batch coffee roasting company in Southern New Jersey. We will ship or deliver within 24 hours of roasting.

Our green beans are direct from our importer, they are off the boat,  into the warehouse, then to us.
Every green bean from Jai Java is roasted at the time of ordering, providing our customers with the freshest coffee available.

We ensure a consistent quality and optimal flavor profiles of all our roasted coffee beans.

We are simply people who LOVE coffee, that is who we are. 

If you get excited by the smell and taste of amazing coffee then we are the company for you!

Give us a try! 



Welcome to Jai Java Coffee.  Jai is Indian (Sanskrit), Hindi, meaning Victory and in some interpretations Joy. 
We want to share our passion for coffee with you.  All of our coffee is roasted in small/micro batches on our back porch in the summer and in our studio/coffee roasting room in the winter.  We taught ourselves how to roast through trial and error and we LOVE learning something new everyday. 
We promise to make you good coffee and treat you well!  
We welcome your input and/or reviews please email us at



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